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Welcome to Missions with Monty!

Missions with Monty is our take on game-based science learning for 5th grade students.

By integrating science curriculum into a game-based learning environment, we hope that students will not only learn more, but also have fun! Missions with Monty is grounded in research and seeks to expand current understanding about students' learning. 
Are you up to the challenge?

Monty is the lead researcher at Wildlife University. When he goes missing, no one is around to figure out why all the animals at Wildlife University are getting sick! That's where you come into play. You'll train to take Monty's place to not only figure out why the animals are getting sick, but also find Monty!

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Game breakdown

Missions with Monty is a game-based approach to teaching fifth-grade students to monitor their comprehension while reading informational science texts.  Its immersive storyline and game-based approach engages students in learning science content while simultaneously improving their reading comprehension skills.

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