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The research team is grateful to partner with teachers who support the development and execution of Missions with Monty. Without teachers, Missions with Monty would not be a reality.


Teachers play a crucial role in the success of Missions with Monty; they provide the research team with the knowledge and expertise that they dedicate to their classrooms every day. 


Teachers are actively involved in providing feedback on game-development, passages, and assessment components. Some important ways teachers have collaborated with the team include:

  • piloting portions of Missions with Monty in the classroom with their students,

  • supporting the development and finalization of specialized learning resources found in the game, and

  • reviewing and approving a targeted vocabulary list that was integrated into the passages. 


Current Lead Teacher Cadre

The Lead Teacher Cadre (LTC) is a group of teachers serving in a leadership role on the Missions with Monty project. These teachers serve not only as mentors to fellow educators, but also as co-researchers throughout the duration of the project. 

Some LTC responsibilities include: 

  • assisting with materials design, curriculum alignment, and professional development activities,

  • providing coaching and support to teachers through video conference meetings and classroom visits, for example, and,

  • serving as liaisons between teachers and the research team. 

Elizabeth Sinnott.JPG
Elizabeth Sinnott

"When I initially agreed to be a part of the LTC, I was a bit intimidated. While reading instruction is my bread-and-butter, I always second-guess myself in science! As a part of the LTC, I have enjoyed exploring the connections between understanding science concepts and reading comprehension as well as learning from and working with the other teachers across the east coast. I look forward to using the Monty program to help my students analyze not only what they are reading, but HOW they are reading and processing new information."

Heather K. Wolf.jpg
Heather K. Wolf


"I was excited to be a part of the Missions with Monty team as soon as I heard about it in 2019. All too often we are given a platform or software to use with our students that we wish could be altered or improved in some way to better serve their needs. Coming in on the ground level with the Monty team meant my students and I would have an opportunity to share feedback and suggestions as the game was being developed. It's been incredible to watch as the game progresses and I look forward to sharing it with my students again this year."

LaJeanne Ashley.png
LaJeanne Ashley


"I love the Missions with Monty game because it takes the content being taught to them and allows them to apply their knowledge in a fun and innovative way. They are having fun while learning and this will help them retain the information they need to know for later use."

Professional Development

Teachers receive professional development that focuses on Next Generation Science Standards curriculum integration and classroom use of Missions with Monty.



Missions with Monty includes a teacher dashboard, which allows teachers to document student information and access student progress in the game.


2021-2022 Partner Schools

Henderson County

  • Atkinson Elementary School

  • Etowah Elementary School

Johnston County

  • West Clayton Elementary School

New Hanover County

  • Ogden Elementary School

  • Wrightsville Beach Elementary School

Pender County

  • Surf City Elementary School

Person County

  • Helena Elementary School

  • South Elementary School

Watauga County

  • Hardin Park Elementary

Yancey County

  • South Toe Elementary School

North Carolina

Anson County

  • Peachland Polkton Elementary School

Carteret County

  • Morehead Elementary School

Alexander County

  • Taylorsville Elementary School

Dare County

  • Manteo Elementary School

  • First Flight Elementary School

Note: Click on the top-left tab in the map to view the full list of schools. You can click on each school to see where it is located.

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