Related Projects

Crystal Island

Crystal Island is a fully immersive game-based learning environment. Like Missions with Monty, Crystal Island is a game-based learning environment that has a rich narrative encasing science pedagogical content. Crystal Island includes two editions, Crystal Island-Outbreak and Crystal Island- Uncharted Discovery. Many of our team members working on Missions with Monty helped develop Crystal Island as well.


Crystal Island-Uncharted Discovery

A project in game-based learning, Crystal Island- Uncharted Discovery is a fully immersive experience for students. Students play as one of a group of stranded passengers from a shipwreck. Stranded on a cluster of islands, the student must work to create a community. 

The overall goal is presented in a quest format, where students complete a total of seven quests. In the first six quests, students work to master content in landform identification, map navigation, and modeling. The seventh, final, quest requires students to integrate and apply their knowledge from the first six quests.

As students navigate the quests, they have access to pedagogical agents, who are experts in maps and landforms, note-taking tools, a camera, a problem solving application, and more. 


Crystal Island- Outbreak

An inquiry-based, narrative-centered learning environment, Crystal Island-Outbreak focuses on middle-school students' learning in microbiology and genetics.Trying to uncover the the genetic makeup of the chickens whose eggs are carrying an unidentified infectious disease, students play the role of the protagonist. 

Presented as a science mystery, students can explore the immersive environment to formulate questions, generate hypotheses, collect data, and more. They can also interact with other characters in the game, manipulate objects, and more. 


As students try to solve the mystery, they must gather enough evidence to identify which breed of chickens must be banned from the island.